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April 18, 2015
by wingedge

Road Trip : Co Jordan

It was a hot day, it was a perfect time for a road trip (car excluded). Anyway thanks to Eralph and Agnes, we got the chance to visit Co. Jordan at Liloan which is know for their sea foods specially the Talaba (“Oysters”). It was a nice experience, eating in a cottage built on top of a fish pond, the ambiance is nice since its summer and the food was great, they got a lot of selection there and they’re as fresh as you can get them.


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April 4, 2015
by wingedge

Kageron @ Tabuelan

Summer is finally here, and what is the best thing to do during summer? Beach Outing! The gang planned a summer getaway since we all got holidays and it was held at  La Familia Beach Resort, Tabuelan. It was a two hour trip from Cebu City to Tabuelan, we stopped to buy some food along the way which added another 30 minutes or so to the trip.

The beach was nice, the atmosphere is relaxing and you can really feel the summer breeze, We spend a night there, renting two rooms and the rest placed tents on the yard, which is free by the way as long as its your tent, not sure if they got tents for rent though. Although its not as crowded like Bantayan Island or Moalboal during holy week, it is a nice and relaxing place to stay, they even got free rave disco to entertain the guests.

We drank, we laugh, we ate and we played beer pong. It would be nice if we could do this again next year, and I am pretty much looking forward to that.

For more information of the place, you can visit their site in here

March 8, 2015
by wingedge

Pre Summer Getaway

After a red wine session at Pino, the gang and I decided to get some “Takubo”, Jason said it has some potent effect if a couple is trying to conceive a Baby. We’ll there is no harm in trying so we decided to go for it. Our destination? The neighboring island of Mactan, come to think of it we did call it a Pre-Summer getaway since in April will be having our group’s Summer Outing.

March 7, 2015
by wingedge

Wine Session at Pino

We’ve been to La Vie Parisienne a couple times already so we decided to find a new place where we could drink and hangout, that place is Pino Restaurant found also in Lahug specifically at Wilson St. They offer wine, buffet and a select-your-own pizza. It was cozy and a good place to unwind.