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Zelda Montage


I found this really nice Zelda Montage from the net and I want to share it. Simply Badass. My wife and I played it on an emulator a couple of years back and we really enjoyed it. I haven’t played the succeeding parts of it yet but I would love to grab the opportunity  if I can.

In almost all the Zelda games (with the exception of The Adventure of Link, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword),  In games such as A Link to the Past and The Wind Waker, Link lives with his uncle and grandmother, respectively, but leaves his home in order to fulfill his destiny as the savior of Hyrule or another land.

In all games thus far, Link has been descended from the Hylians (though the ambiguously canon Valiant Comics state that the incarnation of Link in the first two games was born in a land west of Hyrule, called Calatia), and due to that, appears as a young man with elf-like pointed ears. Link’s incarnation of A Link to the Past mentions how he is the last descendant of the Knights of Hyrule, and as such is destined to rescue Princess Zelda. In many games, he has or earns the Triforce mark on the back of his left hand, either to signify possession of the Triforce of Courage or, in some cases, to simply signify his exemplary courage.

In some games, Link can learn advanced sword techniques and complicated move-sets: in The Minish Cap, the Blade Brothers teach the young hero various sword skills by using Tiger Scrolls, and in Twilight Princess, the Hero’s Shade shares his knowledge of the sword by teaching Link seven Hidden Skills to help him become more powerful and save Hyrule.

Additionally, Link is portrayed as having an excellent physical condition, performing backflips easily as well as being able to best others in sumo-wrestling, as seen in Twilight Princess. However, despite this, Link is usually defenseless without a sword or an item. This is depicted in The Wind Waker, where Link loses his sword after being launched into the Forsaken Fortress and must use his stealth abilities to get it back: if he is spotted by an enemy, he quickly surrenders due to his inability to fight back. Although in some games Link is easily able to pick up large stones or push blocks many times his size, other games require him to use special bracelets or gauntlets to further increase his strength, such as the Power Bracelet or the Titan’s Mitt.

This Zelda Montage really gives a better perspective of the game, it shows the different characters from the game.

Zelda Montage

A Zelda Montage I found from the Net

Author: wingedge

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  3. HAHAHA it did indeed Dialga! I agree. Twilight Princess is my fave Zelda to date (alongside AlttP) so I rlealy could NOT wait to get my hands on a Zelda of that style.HOWEVER I’m still actually pleasantly surprised by what I’ve seen here. Upon seeing bits of this a while ago, I rather childishly wrote it off in my own mind due to the decision to return to a more friendly’ outlook graphically. However, after now properly seeing it in motion, it actually looks nice in it’s own right kind of a medium between OOTime and TPrincess. I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on this and HOPING they make that Zelda demo become a reality for Wii-U in the meantime VN:F [1.9.17_1161](from 0 votes)

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