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Typhoon Ondoy



Typhoon Ondoy hit the Philippines hard last week. As seen on the news, flood waters rise up to unprecedented level.  Typhoon Ondoy started with strong rainfalls on the night of September 25 2009. A lot of people did not expect what was coming.


people holding unto ropes to cross

Heavy Downpour

Water equivalent to a month’s rain fell down within hours. A lot were stranded. Cars started to float, people on the roof became a common sight and many panicked. The worst part was when water began to move. A lot of people started getting pulled by the strong current and if your watching the news, it was heartbreaking. I could not bear looking into the news, all I murmured to myself was a little prayer for them to be safe.


house being swept away by raging water

Filipinos and Storms

Storms frequently occur in the Philippines and we’re already accustomed to it. Sometimes we experience strong winds or heavy rainfalls and in rare cases, both. I guess most of us have this terrible storm experience, I remembered mine was Ruping… it think it was in 1990 when it occurred. It was the first time I saw a house having its roof ripped off by strong winds.


we can still see smiles

Helping Hand

But amidst these calamities, we are always ready to help each other. It is human nature to stick together during these events. And this is why we can still see some of us smile even on cruel situations like these. As long as we are there to help one another, we can always face another day.


I am encouraging the readers to help in anyway to the victims of Ondoy and to the other upcoming calamities. I know that there will be more and we can’t help but face it. A little prayer goes a long way as one might say. Let us help in anyway we can.

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