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October 29, 2010 by wingedge | 5 Comments

I was trolling around in my PC and I noticed there were some of my works I haven’t uploaded in the blog. So I decided to upload 1 each day or week. Here is an old drawing from the Anime “Yuyu Hakushu” or locally known here in PH as Ghost Fighter. I did this drawing using pencil then traced it with a pen. The horizontal gray lines are visible because the scanner I used to scan this images has some defects in it.  If I get a chance to have a scanner I am going to re-scan everything in my binder.

Yuyu Hakushu

Yuyu Hakushu

Updated my Portfolio

October 27, 2010 by wingedge | 0 comments

Having settled down and doing house work as a husband sure is a new adventure for me. Whenever I get free time away from my desk work, I always find myself repairing or creating something for our love-shack. Luckily I found a free time to finally continue updating my Portfolio page. Also, I uncovered a lot of pages that needs to be rebuffed. Thanks to my lovely wife, I am now a page away at completing my Portfolio XD.