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Starcraft 2 – Wings of Liberty


Everyone anticipated the release of Starcraft 2. After 12 years of waiting, Blizzard’s famous RTS Game finally got its long deserved sequel. Starcraft 2 is splitted into 3 stories, first is Wings of Liberty for the Terran Campaign (released July 28, 2010) , then Heart of the Swarm for the Zerg Campaign and lastly, Legacy of the Void for the Protoss Campaign.

But a lot of fans was not happy when Blizzard announced that they will no longer include LAN Support for the game, instead they will implement the Battle.Net system for its multiplayer feature. It is much more similar to MMORPG where you need to have a Battle.Net account in order to play the game and with it your achievements and rankings will be recorded online.

Kerrigan the Queen of Blades

Kerrigan the Queen of Blades

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