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R.I.P One Manga


A sad news for every manga lovers out there. One Manga an online manga reading site is removing their online manga especially those with licenses. The site is not going to be offline, instead the online reading functionality is disabled. Manga list and description will still be active.

One Manga was the site that introduced me to the world of manga and It was way back in my senior year in college.  I’ve been an avid visitor of the site for almost 3 years, reading and following my favorite manga (like One Piece, Bleach, Naruto and many more).  The news was quite a shock for me but I can slowly accept it because nothing lasts forever. Anyway there are a lot of alternatives to one manga nowadays so there is no problem migrating, guess I’ll have to update my bookmarks now.

To One Manga, thank you for the good times… you will be missed. T_T

R.I.P One Manga

R.I.P One Manga

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