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PSP CFW 5.00 m33-4

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I have just updated my PSP’s firmware recently. My previous version was 4.01 m33-2, the current version as of now is 5.00 m33-4.

A lot of noticeable changes were made from 4.0 to 5.o

  • Sony Online Store was added in the Menu
  • A new XMB Wave/Screen

This are the following changes are made in 5.00 m33

  • Popcorn bug fixes
  • Fixed bug that caused some games with certain icons not to work, and caused document.dat not  to work.
  • Fixed critical bug that caused continous corruption of psx games in RAM.
  • Core bugfix: Fixed sctrlKernelSetInit
  • functions not working.

5.00 m33 – 5.00 m33-4 changes

  • Speed selected for umd/iso was not properly locked in some new games that used scePower_EBD177D6 instead of scePowerSetClockFrequency to change speed.
  • UMD/ISO speed settings now apply to PSN games too.
  • Fixed libupdown.prx connecting to instead of sony when npsignin_plugin checks for a new version and m33 update is enabled.
  • Iso file descriptor was not closed in driver deletion
  • Added a shutdown command to vshmenu.

In 5.00 a new icon is added into the psp main menu, the PlayStation Store.

The PSP has always been a very functional little device; access to the PlayStation Store on the PSP will finally give gamers the means to directly download official content for the machine onto their handheld, including demos, themes, and game videos.

psp online sotre

psp online sotre

Best of all, you will be able to buy first pary Sony titles directly from the store and download them to your SD card, which is great if you’re having trouble finding them in your local game store… or you’ll simply too lazy to go and get it. Cofirmed titles that will be available for digital dowloading include Bleach Soul Carnival, Ratchet and Clank, Patapon 2, LocoRoco 2, Remote Detective, Diamond and the Sound of a Gunshot, Sarugetchu Piposaru Senki, and Resistance Retribution.

They also put in a  sleep timer option that can be used while you are playing music on your PSP, a full screen keyboard option for text entry and have redesigned the background of the XMB.

How to Update PSP version?

If you have a custom firmware already then you can update it to 5.00 m33-4. (Note: Only 3.09 and above can be upgraded to this version).

Note: Your PSP must be at least have 70% battery life.

  1. Go to Dark Alex Site and download the custom firmware 5.00 m33 and 5.00 m33-4. Also get the  firmware 500.pbp from the same site (found in the PSP OFW).
  2. Extract the files to your pc
  3. Plug in your PSP into your PC
  4. Copy (500.pbp and 5.00 m33 Update Folder) into PSP/Game folder
  5. Disconnect your psp and run the update in the games section.
  6. Follow the instructions on your psp screen.
  7. Once the update finishes, do step 4 again but this time with the m33-4 update.

Anyway if you are still having doubts.. just look for video tutorials on the web for more info.

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