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Our First Digital Camera

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my baby at north wing

Because of the black out yesterday, My baby and I decided to stroll down on SM to cool down. Out of nowhere we decided to buy a digital camera. After eye shopping on different stalls we decided to buy the SAMSUNG PL50.  It’s a small 10.2 m pixel camera with a lot of features. The one thing that we like the most was its design.

Spending around 10K for it we got an auto face detection feature, beauty shot, a video recorder, a digital image stabilizer and a lot of modes for different scenes. They also include a 4GB sdhc card and a camera case as a freebie. We played with it for a while, took pictures around SM then got home.

Samsung PL50 Dimensions

Once we got home, I hooked it up in the PC and turned it on. Everything went fine, file transfer is good and it’s plug n play meaning no other software is needed to be installed for you to transfer images (that’s a good sign). It also charges via USB port (and the USB cable has a tiny led that tells you if the battery is full or charging). I took the time to read the manual, (>D which I should have done first) and found that it is “not compatible with 64BIT OS” which may likely change in the future. After the file transfer, judging the quality of the pictures, it was great 3648 x 2736 or 4mb+ per image. The video quality is also good. It’s a good purchase, hopefully It won’t disappoint us in the future.


SM North Wing... busy as always

You can see the sample shots t

hat was taken during our trip to SM. Just right click and view the image. (note that I had to scale down the image from its original size of 3648 x 2736 to 1024 x 768 because of the wordpress image uploading issues T_T.)

With this, I can now focus on web blogging with the things I like, the places I’ve been and the food that I tasted…. weeee


tired feet...

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  1. nice camera sir.. aheheeh!
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