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birthday with the kagerons

birthday with the kagerons

A review on what happened on 2008.

April :   I was sponsored by my company to learn MAYA at Big Foot in Mactan. Thanks to that I now know how to create 3D animations.

May :  After many preparations and some mishaps the Kageron-gang manage to go on a summer escapade at Daan Bantayan. I’d like to go there again sometime.

July:  It was the month when was established.

October : It was one birthday I will never forget. Almost all of the kagerons was there. There was food, karaoke, booze and more booze. Turning 25 with everyone you love makes you feel younger.

my baby, my mama and the so called "ARTIST"

my baby, my mama and the so called "ARTIST"

November : I got myself a belated-birthday and advance-christmas gift. My very own PSP. Its fully loaded with Final Fantasy  RPG’s and some of my old time favorites like Castlevania and Valkyrie Profile.

December: The very first time my baby and I spend a new years eve together. Went with my family to Simala in Carcar.

2008 has been a great year. I thank God and everyone else for it. Now I got my very own domain, and the domain is now mine at last. What other surprises does year 2009  has in stored for me? I’ll be waiting for it with a smile! ^_^

Various Photos from year 2008

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