A path is made when you press your feet unto the ground. In Life, there is no right path, only right choices

IT 31, IT 322 and IT 211 Final Grades


Here are your final grades. Congrats to those who passed the subject and I hope you’ll apply what you have learned in the coming years.

Author: wingedge

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  1. Thanks sir,,

    Nakuha gyud diay nimo ang cd.. Thanks a lot sa learning nga imong gi share namo…
    Na inspire gyud ko mag design…

  2. Sir, ganahan ko mag himo og blog.. pero nag libog ko unsaon nako pag sugod… Do i need to just register blogging site like blogspot or buy my own domain and create a blog using wordpress parehas sa imo.. Asa mas prefer nimo.. Can you give me some tips..


  3. suway lng usa sa blogspot or wordpress… na uyon nka nia daghan naka ug readers diha naka mo buy imo domain

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