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Now playing Starcraft 2 : Heart of the Swarm


Nostalgia, I love playing back the RTS game blizzard released this year Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm. It is a continuation of their franchise Starcraft which was popular in the late 90’s. This is the second installment of the trilogy, first was Wings of Liberty and last is the Legacy of the Void.


Zerg Swarm

Warning : Spolers ahead… proceed with caution.

Story : Heart of the Swarm

The game is set after Raynor managed to save Sarah Kerrigan (Queen of Blades) using the Xel’ Naga Artifacts they excavated. The games theme focuses on how Kerrigan reclaims her title as the queen of blades, rallying her swarm to reclaim back Zerg planet Char, finding new allies and unlocking her full potential at the Zerg homeworld Zerus, where all Zerg originated and taking her sweet revenge against Terran Confederate Emperor, Arcturus Mengks. The game also shows how Kerrigan will play a crucial role as was foretold in a prophecy that was uncovered by Dark Templar, Zeratul which will be the main storyline in the upcoming game Legacy of the Void.


Sarah Kerrigan using Psionic powers

Playing as the Zerg race is pretty much fun, as the term “We are Numberless” is an understatement, meaning you can have practically unlimited zerglings at your disposal. You could literally flood an enemy base with your forces and just outnumber their troops 5 to 1. It really brings back memories, I played Starcraft back in the 90’s, I was high school then and internet shop’s during that time are expensive. I had to save up my allowance for just a few hours of game each day. It felt good to play it back again. Now we just have to wait for the ending of the trilogy. If you have played Starcraft before you should play this game, or if you haven’t I recommend you playing it. It’s a nice alternative to MMORPG’s and First Person Shooter games.

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