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CodeIgniter Week


All I can say is I love an MVC framework. I started using CodeIgniter when a client of mine asked to edit their site that was coded in CodeIgniter. At first I was lost with all those folders and files, I told myself “The Hell with It”.

Instead of babbling and blindly opening files, I decided to visit the CodeIgniter site. There I was enlightened, with its proper documentation, good video tutorials and a lot of discussions I finally found what I was missing.

I am not new to MVC, but I am very disappointed on my first experience with it. I tried to develop some project using MVC with Zend but it failed… epically failed. So I started to create my own version of an MVC framework, it did not go well as planned, I had to revise and revise until I got tired and dumped it all. But now, I found a new friend.

To the developers that made CodeIgniter possible, Kudos!!!

If you want to know more about CodeIgniter you can visit their website here

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