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Christmas and the End of the World


Today is December and the year is 2012. I remembered watching the movie 2012 and thought to myself is that how the world ends? Funny but I remembered as a child there are a lot of predictions and prophecies about the world ending on a certain year. Now is December and its the season to be merry but I don’t think everyone is happy. A lot of people now especially those who got hit by the Storm Pablo last week are homeless, that including my father since I later heard their roof got take away by strong winds. But for me Christmas isn’t about enjoying and celebration, but it’s the time to reflect and be thankful for the challenges and blessings that are given to us. In this modern age, we tend to get very busy accomplishing our goals that we sometimes forget what those goals are. We are blinded by the thought that if we don’t work, how will we live, how will we continue with our daily life.


Maybe and End of the World is what we crave for so we can get out of this loop we called life. A lot of us is thinking that maybe if the world ends and we somehow survived, we can be a different person. What would you do when that time comes? Who would you want to be? As a personal view, I’d rather not be someone else but me. Life is full of ups and downs but as long as we’re contented with what we have, we are happy. We can be whoever we want, but for that to happen we have to destroy who we were once.

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