A path is made when you press your feet unto the ground. In Life, there is no right path, only right choices

About Me

pic taken during sinulog 2008

pic taken during sinulog 2008


I was born under the sign of Libra on the 1st day of October on the year 1983.   I am the eldest son of Cecilia and Florentino,  together with 2 siblings, Lalaine and Emmanuel Mark.


I finished my high school at Immaculate Heart of Mary Academy at Minglanilla Cebu. Followed my passion in computer and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology at University of Cebu.


After I graduated, I got a job  as a teacher and a Web Developer at University of Cebu. I also do freelance jobs as a web designer/developer.


I really like to draw, but somehow I can’t find the time anymore. Anime and Manga is one of my favorite past times. Right now, the internet is one of my best friend. Whenever I get bored I usually think of something to get me myself busy, like creating new scripts, learning new stuff or just plain trolling around the internet.


My dream is to become a game developer for a famous gaming company, but It’s too far to reach at the moment so I’ll settle down with being a known web developer here in the Philippines. If ever I get the chance to study again, I’d like to study Animation or Gaming since I love those stuff as long as I can remember.