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A Kageron Bantayan Getaway


We had a great time during our Bantayan Getaway. Together with my Baby and my Kageron Family (Mark, Ivane, Earl and Billy). Although there were supposed to be more of us in the initial plan but they couldn’t make it for the trip.


Sugar Beach, Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island

The Plan

The plan was originally Earl’s idea. He asked Ivane to initiate it because he thought Ivane could convince all of the gang to come. A lot responded to the plan and many said they will come.

The Meeting

After the open forum via Facebook Mail, everything was set. All we had to do was finalize everything via a formal meeting. Meeting took place Saturday (1 week before the event) at UC Main. Mark, Ivane, Rocky and Jay was there. We finalized on what to bring, the expenses and other stuff. After the meeting, Baby and I went to SM to buy our own Tent.

The Problem

After the plan was set, everything began to crumble because one by one the gang backed out for the trip. Sheila went back to Leyte, Lornie had an emergency with her family, Dinoy could not make it because of work, Matt and Ron could not come because their partners could not do so. Eralph and Agnes was afraid of the weather (news stated a storm/tropical depression is forming), Marlo and Jay did not have enough time to save for the trip and Rocky made a last minute decision not to come because his Grandmother died (Condolence Rock).


Although the plan was ruined, the six of us decided to see it through. So as planned we all met at Ayala to buy the things we need for the trip (Snacks, Drinks and Liquor). Ending it with a meal at Dimsum.

Departure (Cebu to Hagnaya)

Mark and Ivane met with us at our house so they could bring the things we bought on Friday. We got a taxi for North Bus Terminal and there we’ve waited for Earl and Billy. After Earl and Billy arrived, we immediately boarded the Bus for Hagnaya (although we almost didn’t make it because we boarded the wrong bus first). The last Ferry for Sta. Fe will leave at 6:00 pm so with had no choice but to board the fully loaded bus for Hagnaya so we can make it on time. Standing for almost 4 hours inside a crowded bus, we finally arrived at Hagnaya port at around 5:40 pm. We bought our ferry tickets and boarded the ferry to Sta. Fe. We arrived at Sta Fe around 6:40 pm. Got ourselves a tricycle for Sugar Beach. After a 10 minute ride, we arrived at our destination. We choose tent over rooms for added adventure.


Lock and Loaded


We started the party with roasting some marshmallow on our little bonfire followed by a little Salo-Salo and a tequila session. After a couple of shots we head out for a short night swim. Everything turned out great, the weather is clear and the food is plenty. We even made an insignia with the Kageron word and a Dolphin (which attracted a lot of tourists the next day) while taking down the whole tequila bottle and 2 Vodka bottles. It was a hell of a night. Ivane got drunk (really drunk) for the first time while Earl introduced us to his baby (Paloma ^_^).

2nd Day



We got up around 5 in the morning, just in time as we watched the sun rise. I went with the boys to buy some meat and fish at the town market for food for lunch. Billy and Earl decided to rent Motorcycles as our transportation.

The Accident

Unluckily Earl and I got in a road accident. Thankfully we only got some¬† scratches and the other party as well. We are thankful for the Sta. Fe Police (didn’t got his name)¬† for his understanding (hope every policemen where like that). After a couple of hours later, everything turned out fine (although we had to pay the damages we caused for the bikes). And we continued with our shopping. We decided to buy pork belly and some fish to be grilled for lunch.


all you can eat


The beach was very tempting, the sky is clear and the water is ice cold. After a great meal, we head out for a swim. Took pictures and enjoyed ourselves. I even surrendered my complexion in exchange for a couple more hours swimming. Exhausted, we got some snacks followed by a siesta. Around 4 pm we went back to the market to buy some food to be served for dinner. Got two Lechon Manok because there were no more meat available and a couple of soft drinks. When we got back, we roamed around for some firewood for our bonfire. We even got the time to view a beautiful sunset.


tagay sessions

Party Again

We started our evening with a bonfire and a feast of chickens and whats left over lunch. Though we were short on rice, we enjoyed every bit of it. Another tequila session and as for entertainment.. Charades!!!

Went for a night swim for the last time, there we finished our last “The Bar” vodka (drinking vodka+cold sea water=damn). We also buried Earl in the sand for his Iron Man sand sculpture… which turned out to be a mixed Astro Boy and Megaman Scupture ( >D ). After that, we head for the showers and prepared our things for our trip on the next day.

Going Home


waiting for the ferry

We got up around 5 am again, took some pictures of the sunrise and prepared our things. We got back to port at around 6 am and ate breakfast there. Hmmm I love fried squid (sad to say the camera ran out of power by the time we got there). We rode the ferry back to Hagnaya and then a bus back to Cebu. We arrived around 11am at Cebu, we decided to make a stop at SM for some lunch at KFC.

I am really thankful for everyone there, hope we could do it again next year. ^_^

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