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A Jejemon Story


There was this girl who goes by the name Jeje  (Obviously not her real name). One time, Jeje checked one of her online networking site and found out that she could no longer log on to it. Jeje suspected that someone got a hold of her account and changed the password without a reason. Jeje went on a quest together with her hacker friend to trace the culprit. Her hacker friend clicked on his computer, googled and facebooked for hours then came up with the IP address of the culprit (yeah… a real hacker) and told Jeje that it was based on Cebu… using a wifi ready laptop (Genius right?). Jeje suspected it was one of her officemate for she has a wifi ready laptop (of all the people who has laptop, her office mate is the culprit). So Jeje immediately reported to her Tech-Guru Supervisor about the incident. Her Tech-Guru Supervisor, with years of outstanding experience, immediately believed her and told Jeje that they will report it to their  Big-Wise-Boss.

Jeje who still had no solid evidence about the culprit, patiently listened to her office mate’s every conversation and wrote it down in a piece of paper. But she couldn’t get anything out of her office mate so she make up intimidating stories so she could make her office mate spill out the beans. Then, Jeje noticed that her emails get a lot of spam and adult site requests with her email on it. She even got an account from a dating site made using her email.

Jeje was desperate because she couldn’t get a thing or two from her office mate so he just went on with her complain to her Tech-Guru supervisor and her Big-Wise-Boss. So, Tech-Guru Supervisor and Big-Wise-Boss started to conduct an investigation of Jeje’s officemate. They tapped into her (Jeje’s Officemate) email account and checked if they could see anything that would link to Jeje’s claims.

The day came when Jeje and her officemate finally confronted. Together with Tech-Guru Supervisor, Big-Wise-Boss and Big-Wise-Boss’ Friend. She explained to Big-Wise-Boss’ Friend about the situation in steps

1.) Go to

2) Login using Jeje’s email —> she couldn’t log in

3) Click Remind Me (Forget Password)

4) Enter Jeje’s email and click get password –> which immediately tells her that the email was no longer found

5) She explained that her office mate change her account using her email, and that if she puts her officemate’s email in the get password form it would be a success.

6) So she puts her officemate’s email and BAM… it was a success

But Big-Wise-Boss’ Friend got confused, so she tried to input her email which is not registered in friendster and click get password… BAM -> it tells her that the email was no longer found.

Then Big-Wise-Boss’ Friend asked Jeje’s officemate to enter another email, this time from someone with a friendster account…. BAM -> it was a success

To make the story short… Jeje is a Jejemon, as Albert Einstein quoted Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.

Jeje assumed that her account was hijacked by someone… but there are many factors for this one… she may just have forgotten her password, two… she may have remove that on purpose.

Jeje’s dating site account can’t be made by someone if it is using her email… you can only join such accounts (for example friendster) and can only use it if you clicked the verification email… which was obviously activated in her case since she was already a member (maybe she registered it herself and forgot or on purpose to prove her claims).

Jeje’s tech ACT is plain stupid. How could you assume that by typing the email of your officemate in the forget password form be the basis that she was the one who stole your account. As the name of the button implies (Get Password) it is used to retrieve a forgotten password provided you put a valid/registered email in it. Once the button is clicked friendster will generate a new password and email it to the email being entered. The purpose of this is to gain access to your account in case you forgot your password.

Jeje is an example of a Hybrid Jejemon… so please, don’t be like her

Jeje at her work

Who's that JEJEMON?

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  1. Gusto q lang po itanong sa piubnttraaahghan q po na private company nagsign kami ng contract na we get 24 leaves SL at VL na po unWe also earn it every month.. Nag maternity leave po ako. At ang sabi walang maeearn na SL dahil naka maternity leave ako. Magkaibang benefit un na provided dapat ng company. Tama po ba un ginagawa nila sa sickleave credit ko?thank you

  2. I love those photos. Think I'll have to paint one of them! I need your self control and space with my hoarding issues. I also need you to pop round and help me pack for my camping trip! You're great a dress making and altering!!


  4. Hi LakshmiDesign has come out very well. If you cannot pull the needle through the cloth make a bigger hole with big needle like "Dabbala" and then pass the Chenille needle and continue your embroidery.

  5. Well I personally just adore this card!!! I know exactly how gorgeous it is… it is sitting up proudly on my dining room table! I love it.. just gorgeous! Thank you again so much!HUGSMichelleO

  6. Beautiful card. I tried many times to leave a comment on your previous card which is superb but kept getting a blank page. Love them both.

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